The Law Offices of Charles B. Molster III PLLC

Charles B. Molster, III has had extensive experience as a trial lawyer handling complex litigation matters in federal and state courts around the country, and has also provided extensive outside general counsel services to various corporate and other clients.  Mr. Molster's broad range of experience includes substantial experience in the following areas:

Litigation Experience:
Complex commercial litigation and mediation 
Patent infringement litigation and mediation

Patent infringement mediation
Corporate governance/shareholder disputes – advice and litigation
Employment – advice and litigation
Securities – advice and litigation
Trade secrets – advice and litigation
Trademark and copyright – advice and litigation

Antitrust - advice and litigation
Merger and acquisition – advice and litigation
Additional matters involving arbitration, mediation and alternative dispute resolution

General Counsel Experience:
General Counsel for St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes School (Alexandria, Virginia) 2003 – Present

  • Chair, Risk Management Committee

General Counsel for The Bishop John T. Walker School (Episcopal Diocese of Washington, D.C.) 2008 – Present


General Counsel for Capital City Sea Devils, LLC  

(Alexandria, Virginia) 2014 - Present

General Counsel for Blacks Hill Stables, LLC

(Great Falls, Virginia) 2009 - Present  

General Corporate Representations:

Numerous corporate representations regarding stock purchase agreements, asset purchase agreements, shareholder agreements, Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) contracts, employment agreements, joint venture agreements, Board of Director resolutions, and numerous other contracts and corporate documentation issues

Technical Experience:

  • Internet and other Network-related issues 
  • Internet and Content Delivery Network issues 
  • Spinal surgery medical devices 
  • Geographic information systems (on-line mapping) 
  • Geotechnical construction engineering (including soil remediation) 
  • Health Care/Medical: Federal Tort Claims Act litigation (pro bono and otherwise)

Prior Large Law Firm Management:
Winston & Strawn (1996 - 2016): Compensation Committee, Finance Committee, Diversity Committee,  Audit Committee.

Keck, Mahin & Cate (1986-1996):  General Counsel for Washington, D.C. Office, Associate Compensation Committee, Associate Committee.


  • B.A., University of Virginia, 1979
  • J.D., University of Richmond School of Law, 1983

Judicial Clerkship:
Law Clerk to the Honorable James C. Cacheris, Alexandria Division of the Eastern District of Virginia, 1983-1984

Other Activities:

Past President (and Board Member) of the Northern Virginia Chapter of the Federal Bar Association 

Chair Emeritus of the Virginia State Bar’s Special Committee on Technology and the Practice of Law

Board Member, Virginia State Bar Intellectual Property Section

Permanent Member of the Fourth Circuit Judicial Conference

Member, Planning Committee for Eastern District of Texas Annual Bench-Bar Conference

Virginia Bar Association’s Committee on Federal Judgeships in the Eastern District

Faculty member of the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (regularly teaches trial advocacy for NITA at Georgetown University Law Center and privately)

Public Speaking and Continuing Legal Education Programs:
Mr. Molster regularly conducts CLE programs and other educational presentations relating to various legal issues. Mr. Molster has spoken on a variety of legal issues across the United States,  including in the Eastern District of Virginia, the Eastern District of Texas, and Washington, D.C., as well as internationally in Tokyo, Japan, and Mainland China. Recent presentations including the following:

Federal Bar Association, Patent Infringement in the Eastern District of Virginia (The “Rocket Docket”): 2008 – 2019

Strafford National Webinar, Obtaining and Admitting Cell Phone Evidence at Trial: February 2, 2019

Federal Bar Association, Nuts & Bolts of EDVA Civil Practice (Part 1): 2017 - 2019 

Federal Bar Association (Webinar), Applying the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure to Your Case: December 11, 2018

Virginia State Bar, Radical Shifts in Marketing Ethics, Cyberinsurance and Legal Tech: October 30, 2018

Eastern District of Texas Bench Bar Panels: 2009 – 2018

Virginia State Bar, 30th Annual Intellectual Property Section Seminar: September 29, 2018

Virginia State Bar (Winter Meeting), Trial Presentation in the Digital Age: January 20, 2018

Virginia State Bar, Using Today's Tech Tools Effectively and Ethically: October 31, 2017

Fairfax Bar Association, Ethics and Marketing: Making sure your Online Marketing Passes Ethics Review Muster: October 17, 2017

Federal Bar Association, How to Win a Case from a Judges Perspective: April 4, 2017

Federal Bar Association, Trade Secrets: The Ins and Outs of Trade Secret Protection: January 25, 2017

Federal Bar Association, Latest Issues in Patent Litigation: October 18, 2016

Virginia State Bar, Let's Talk Tech: Bringing Lawyers and Technology Together in an Ethical and Practical Way: September 19, 2016

Cyber Security and Data Breaches, Federal Litigation Conference: October 27, 2015

Cyber Security and Data Breaches, Virginia State Bar: October 1, 2015

Federal Bar Association, Obtaining and Admitting Electronic Evidence in Federal Courts: An Interactive Discussion: 2014 - 2015


​Virginia Lawyers, A Fresh Look: The Defend Trade Secrets Act and Recent Developments: April 2019
Virginia Lawyers, Using Social Media to Investigate Potential Jurors in Virginia: October 2018

Virginia Lawyers, The Federal Defend Trade Secrets Act of 2016: New Choices and Considerations for Litigators and Corporate Counsel: February 2017

Virginia Lawyers, Technology and the Practice of Law in Virginia: August 2015

Virginia Lawyers, "Cloud Computing" in Discovery: How We Deal with Electronically Stored Information: June 2010

Significant Cases:
Twombly v. Bell Atlantic, et al. (class action/antitrust/conspiracy – SDNY, U.S. Supreme Court)
Luzak v. Coastal Forest Resources Co. (shareholder/corporate governance litigation – EDVA)
Verizon v. Vonage (patent infringement – EDVA)
Verizon Wireless v. Nextel (misappropriation of trade secrets and computer crimes – EDVA)

01 Communique v. LogMeIn and Dell (patent infringement – EDVA)

Audio MPEG v. Dell Inc. (patent infringement - EDVA)  
MLR v. Dell (patent infringement – EDVA)

Solsys Medical, LLC v. Organogenesis, Inc. (false advertising - EDVA) 

Luzak v. Barringer (shareholder/trust and estates - South Carolina State Court)

Covad v. Verizon (antitrust – DDC)
Verizon v. Ntegrity Telecontent, Inc. (antitrust – DNJ)
Bell Atlantic v. AirTouch (antitrust – NDCA)
Bell Atlantic Corporation v. AT&T/Lucent Technologies (antitrust – ED Texas)
Tice v. Monument Capital (shareholder litigation – Texas and AAA Arbitration)
Monument Wealth v. Monument Capital, et al. (trademark infringement – DDC)
SER v. Pacesetter Corp. (copyright infringement/injunction – EDVA)
Telespectrum, Inc. v. SER Solutions, Inc. (copyright infringement/computer crimes – EDVA)
Falise v. Philip Morris, et al. (RICO and fraud – EDNY)
Estate of Jack Kent Cooke v. Marlena Kent Cooke (prenuptial agreement – VA State Court)
Escandar v. EduCap, Inc. (corporate governance/stock option litigation/arbitration)
CCSC v. CitiCorp (RICO and antitrust – EDVA)
Cheetah Omni v. Verizon, et al. (patent infringement) – ED Texas)
Skyline v. ESRI and Microsoft (patent infringement – EDVA)
Verizon v. Cox (patent infringement – EDVA)
Level 3 Communications v. Limelight Networks (patent infringement – EDVA)
Mars, Inc. v. True Science Holdings, LLC (patent infringement – EDVA)
Advanfort v. Maritime Executive, Inc. (defamation – EDVA)
Citigroup, Inc. v., et al. (Anti-Cybersquatting/Trademark – EDVA)
Rosa Mexicano Brands, Inc. v. <>, et al.(Anti-Cybersquatting/Trademark – EDVA)
FAGE Luxembourg, S.a.r.L. v. <> (Anti-Cybersquatting/Trademark – EDVA)
Red River Fiber Optic Corporation v. Verizon, AT&T, and Qwest Communications (patent infringement – ED Texas/ND Texas)
Uretek v. Hayward Baker (patent infringement – MDFL)
Brandywine v. Verizon (patent infringement – MDFL)
Brilliant Optical v. Zayo Group, LLC (patent infringement – D. CO)
WiAV v. Motorola, et al. (patent infringement – EDVA)
In Re Text Messaging Antitrust Litigation (antitrust – NDIL)
Anonymous Teacher v. John Does (social media/defamation – Virginia State Court)
Verizon Directories Corp. v. Yellow Book, Inc. (false advertising – EDNY)
Unlimited Screw Products v. MALM, et al. (fraud and antitrust – EDVA)
Estate of Graeme Baker v. Sta-Rite Industries, et al. (wrongful death/products liability – VA Supreme Court)
Billabong, et al. v. Digital Shui (ex-parte TRO – EDVA)
Seng v. Americana Investments, LLC, et al. (securities litigation – D. CO.)